Sunday, May 12, 2013

"That Show with Billy Wilson" Guest Singer Songwriter Meri Amber - Picasa 3.9

Singer Songwriter Meri Amber

Meri and Her Dad

I used Picasa 3.9 to edit both images of Meri performing, and her Dad singing with her. I cropped the images from the Screen Captures and applied the Warmify tool.

I then used the HDR tool set low for effect. After which I used the Lomo tool for the vignette. I added the Museum Matte and frame to finish off both of the images.

I did not go outside of Picasa's tool for editing at all. I kept the steps simple and hopefully effective.

TSBW can be watched on YouTube at this link:

The Show also was featuring photography and Meri plays at the end of the show.

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