Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Of Headstocks Seagull C12 and Lyon by Washburn 6" Corel PSP Pro X3

Seagull C12 and Lyon by Washburn 6

I got out our two guitars again for more photographs of them. I took this one on a Macro setting, a close up of the Headstocks of each guitar. I used my Canon Rebel XTI for the photographs I shot this afternoon.

I loaded them onto my computer and opened in Picasa 3.9 update. I used Corel PSP Pro X3 for my workflow. As usual I applied the Digital Camera Noise Removal first, then used the Smart Photo Fix where I increased some color and sharpened it a bit. I then went to Saturation and used the Vibrancy for punch to the colors.

I went to the Effects Browser and selected lighting and tried differing lighting effects. I chose Tungsten as it gave the whole image a golden look and feel. I added my copyright and name as for some reason my PNG of my 2013 signature file is not completely transparent. I will have to adjust this so I can use my signature. I feel that a signature is better with the copyright symbol and year date, it adds class to the images I create.

I have found that if I go into Corel PhotoPaint that my bitmapped photograph loses all EXIF data which I want to keep. So I did not use it to add the signature. PSP Pro X3 allows my adding a title and copyright date and artist information using the Image Information tool. This shows up in the EXIF data of the image, which would be lost in PhotoPaint.

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