Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Of Guitar Bodies and Grunge" Picasa - Corel - Filter Forge

Of Guitar Bodies and Grunge

"Of Guitar Bodies and Grunge." Another digital collage made in Picasa 3.9 update from the Photographs I recently took. Here are four images in the collage. Three of our Lyon 6-String, at varying angles, and one of my Seagull C12 Cedar 12-String guitars.

I selected the photographs, taken with our Canon Rebel XTI, based on the bodies of the guitars. In Picasa I applied the Warmify feature for color. Then I used the HDR tool for Sharpening the image.

I was going to do an overlay of a Pencil drawing of the collage but did not like the end result so abandoned it. I decided to add texture the same way I did with my last collage of guitars. I used Corel PhotoPaint, and Filter Forge's Photo Effects Grunge. This gave me more of what I wanted and helped to make a second in a series of similar images.

I added my signature in white to the display sized collage and saved that iteration.

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