Saturday, April 20, 2013

"100 Thousand Pageviews - Milestone!" CorelDRAW

Created in CorelDRAW.

I wanted to add to this Page a NOTE that invites those of you whom come to his simple
page offering of thanks to peruse the rest of my blog offerings and not just bounce away
disappointed by the meager artwork here as thanks. I have much more to share here,
If you would take the time to look deeper into my Digital Visual Artworks.

Scroll down, view on the right Archive links and click on them. Also I have a tag cloud
at the bottom of the page you can select and view by topic. For Example click on 12_String for
additional Guitar Artwork, and select Older Pages for more!

It is my hope you enjoy my Digital Visual Artwork created to delight and leave
an impression on you. A Good One is my desire!

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