Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Old Brick Building Behind the Tower" Corel - Plus

Old Brick Building Behind the Tower

The image for my selection today was another photograph of the Tower and the building attached to the back. I took the photograph with my Canon Rebel XTI on the standard settings. I am not as adventurous as my son just yet in my photography.

From Picasa 3.9 I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3 and used the Smart Photo Fix feature. I increased some color and sharpness. I used the Saturation Vibrancy set at 33 on it. Doing these steps made the gray brick somewhat greenish in cast. I saved this large iteration.

I opened from Picasa with Corel PhotoPaint and cloned out an electrical cable. I applied Filter Forges' Photo Effects Vibrancy for a lighter image. Some of the greenish cast was adjusted by this step.

I used the Tone Curve to add depth and some punch to the overall color of the image. Now not as greenish but back to gray brick with shadows. I added my signature in black and resampled for display size in PhotoPaint.

I used PSP Pro X3 to adjust the EXIF data, including my copyright and title of the photograph. I saved it again for display.

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