Monday, April 22, 2013

"Grunge 6 and 12 String Guitar Collage" Picasa - Corel - Plus

6 and 12 String Guitar Collage

Using my Canon Rebel XTI DSLR I shot a number of angled photographs of our two guitars. My Seagull C12 Cedar 12-String and my son's Lyon 6-String were both subjects. I was experimenting with angling from long end to end shots and close ups.

I put the photographs on the computer and using Picasa 3.9 update I created a collage of four of the photographs. Picasa creates large files with as much detail that is in the photographs as possible. I used the Warmify feature of Picasa to make a more unified color scheme. I then applied the HDR tool to the image.

I also used Corel PSP Pro X3 for some touch up and enhancement, saving the large secondary collage file. I resized to display size to use in Corel PhotoPaint.

In PhotoPaint I removed more noise from the collage as the HDR had made some hot spots on it. I opened Filter Forge's Photo Effects and applied the Grunge tool. This darkened the edges and gave the overall feel I wanted. I added my signature in white and saved again the display iteration.

I have playing my 12-String more often lately and today my fingers are very sore even for typing. I use a pick for strumming and playing leads to jam backtracks from GuitarTricks, which I have a complimentary 30 day subscription. I was invited to this offer recently and I am taking advantage of Acoustic and Blues Guitar lessons, with a touch of DADGAD alternate tuning lessons. It is very enjoyable, but some of the lessons are challenging.

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