Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Wall" Photo-manipulation - Corel PSP Pro X3

"The Wall," or facade was found near the Ice Sculpture show in Plymouth, Michigan. Again the photographer was my son, Keir M. Gatzka. I did the photo-manipulation on them.

I used Picasa 3.9 to browse to the folder containing all the photographs from the outing. I selected the photographs one by one and opened with Corel PSP Pro X3. I started out with the fit to screen to see the entire photograph. Then I selected Adjust Smart Photo Fix feature and made changes to the Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, Focus, and Color.

As the day was very overcast each photograph had a lot of blue in them, shot at 1600 ISO. I attempted to adjust the bluish cast by using the Color, RGB tool increasing the red and green a bit. Tried to pull out the brick color in each one. I also added a twenty-five pixel border to each photograph for display.

With my son's inventive approach to photography, and my skills at manipulation and the good Corel programs I have, we make a really good team.

I did resize in PSP but I am learning the placement of watermarks in that program and don't have it down yet. I believe that I need to make my signature a PNG file, transparent except for the signature itself. Maybe that will work, I end up with a white border all around my jpg signature file. Can't have that - need to experiment with PNG.

So I added the signature in Corel's PhotoPaint for three of these four images.

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