Monday, January 7, 2013

"90,000+ Pageviews Milestone - Morning Dove" Corel Painter 11

Morning Dove

I wrote yesterday about some birds pictures from Dover Clip Art and today I have used the "Morning Dove," piece. I am following through on a motif of birds for a few images. This Dove image is Digital Watercolor done in Corel Painter 11. The inking is from the Clip Art and the painting is all done by myself. I chose to make the leaves variegated with white to add detail to the scene.

I selected a number of watercolor brushes, and textures for the piece. We have Doves living nearby so I tried to keep the colors close to reality. I used Corel PhotoPaint to apply Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance to punch up the colors. I added the signature in PhotoPaint as well. Then I added the black border in Corel PSP Pro X3.

We have reached the Milestone of over 90,000 Pageviews for gatzkART! Thank you to all who have visited and viewed my digital artwork. 

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