Monday, January 14, 2013

"Review 'Merry Go Round' by Shani"

"Merry Go Round"

I had the privilege of creating an image of Singer Songwriter +Shani S  and as a result I won a signed copy of her new Album. I have spent time listening to it today closer than my first pass. The image you see is of the cover of the album, I did not create it. Credits are on the Album cover inside and out.

Entitled "Merry Go Round," it is alternative pop with great emotion and strong songs. She has a delightful singing voice and the mix is fabulous. One of my favorites is the song "I Am," and I really like the bluesy intro to the title song "Merry Go Round," my second favorite. A bit of RnB piano in it and a pleasant blues guitar riff that relaxes you and then she sings again about it being "bolted to the ground." Fantastic!

I don't regularly review albums so you'll have to excuse my few words and if I am inaccurate in the terminology. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album. It is soft, tender, hard hitting and emotionally charged with fine lyrics and wonderful backup musicians along with great Artwork.

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