Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Stringed Instruments in Foliage" Corel - Plus

Stringed Instruments in Foliage

Returning to the Guitar motif I used a couple of photographs of an unknown stringed guitar like instrument, and three classic guitars. I opened with Picasa 3.9 from my folders and used the Pencil tool on both. Saving them both I opened the largest with Corel PhotoPaint, there I applied the Tone Curve to deepen the line color.

I opened the other of the three guitars and pasted and erased unwanted background elements, resized them to fit and pasted. I saved that iteration and used Corel PSP Pro X3 for the sepia tone and vibrancy of the tone. I added a brown border there as well.

Saving that I used Picasa to add to the sepia depth. Back in PhotoPaint I added my signature first changing the color with Replace Colors tool. I cut and pasted the large file. I had resized to display in PSP Pro X3.

Simple changes made for an attractive Sepia toned image.

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