Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Self-Portrait Digital Collage" Corel - Plus - Logitech

gatzkART - Self-Portrait

Today I updated my Logitech C260 Camera's software and was playing around with it. I took a couple of hi-res photographs of myself. I decided to do a self-portrait collage with one of them.

I opened the photograph with Corel PSP Pro X3 and applied the workflow I use for digital camera photographs, Noise Removal and Smart Photo Fix. I also applied the Skin Softening tool to the photograph.

I saved that iteration. I opened both Corel PhotoPaint and CorelDRAW and also Picasa 3.9. I used Picasa to locate a Art Nouveau background and other clip art pieces, in my Dover Clip Art folder. I used the Local equalization on the background. Added another yellow based floral on it, adjusting the Opacity.

I opened the self-portrait and cut my self out of the image and copied that to the clipboard. I pasted it on the background and used Multiply and Opacity for transparency.

I used a drop cap "G" for the word "GatzkART," and used DRAW for the text. I also altered the Opacity of the word and the Tone Curve of the capital "G" changing it's depth (I also changed it to green to match the "atzkART" portion.

Using my Dover Clip Art Samplers I added the women and a couple of designs in black using the property Multiply and the Tone Curve to darken them.

I added a small green border in PhotoPaint using Papersize, and then my signature in black. I merged all layers (objects) to the background to finish.

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