Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Floral Falcon" CorelTRACE - CorelDRAW - Plus

Floral Falcon

I recently received some bird based Dover Clip Art and with it this colorful Falcon. I opened the image with Corel PhotoPaint and overlay another piece of Dover Clip Art of a Floral image. I used the property Multiply and adjusted the Opacity as well to let the bird show through clearly.

Saving that iteration I opened with CorelTRACE and turned it into a Vector image I saved that as a native Corel CMX file. I opened with CorelDRAW and made some minor adjustments. I copied to the Clipboard and pasted the large image into PhotoPaint with New from Clipboard. I added my signature and resampled to a display size.

I really like the way that the colors deepened with the addition of the Floral overlay. I did little to adjust it afterward, just used Picasa 3.9's Warmify filter on the image and saved that.

Birds and florals are among my favorite images and I like to use Them periodically instead of Guitars and Musicians for digital works.

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