Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Lisa Marshall In the Spotlight" Artists in the Plus - CorelDRAW - Plus

Lisa Marshall

I was able to attend the Artists in the Plus "In the Spotlight" the other night on a Google+ Hangout on Air. I viewed it from YouTube live stream. The Guest was +Lisa Marshall , and she was not only interesting in her background but amazing in her singing and guitar.

Her singing was like a silver throated Janis Joplin. Punching out emotion and soul. I truly enjoyed her performing. Her guitar playing was strong and punctuated her songs with rhythm and great accompaniment.

Using Picasa 3.9 I took a few screen captures to work with and decided to join two images together. I opened Corel PhotoPaint to crop the images and then unified them to size in CorelDRAW. In DRAW I converted to bitmap and Traced to a Vector image with CorelTRACE. I was able to copy to the clipboard the traced image and in PhotoPaint I opened with New from Clipboard.

I saved the large bitmap file with the Vector artifacts to disk. I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and punched up the color with Saturation Vibrancy. I did that after I applied the Smart Photo Fix. I applied the Polaroid frame and a black border in PSP Pro X3.

I added my signature in PhotoPaint and resampled for display size there.

Here are some links to the show and Lisa's website. hosted by Artist in the Plus +John Voshell

If you haven't tried a Hangout On Air yet on Google+ try one out by joining Google+ through your Gmail email address, you will be glad you did.

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