Friday, February 1, 2013

"Double Drop D Guitar Collage" Corel - Plus

Digital Collage - Double Drop D

For today's image I created a Guitar Digital Collage in Picasa 3.9. Using the recent photographs of my 12-string Seagull Guitar I selected the photographs and chose Create Collage in Picasa. I switched to the 8X10 portrait setting with a central photograph the Picasa made the large collage from my selections.

It auto saved the draft and I opened the finished collage in Corel PSP Pro X3. There I applied the Smart Photo Fix and loaded the image as another layer. To that the Smart Photo Fix was applied and I used the Pencil tool to create an overlay. I altered the colors to a Psychedelic look and feel. I merged the layers with the enhanced colors. I saved that iteration.

I reopened from Picasa with Corel PhotoPaint. there I used the Wand tool to select the white space and filled with a Stucco filling from their Sample palettes. I added the paint splatters to the image and changed their opacity and added drippings. This was for that Grunge effect.

I then scanned in some blank chord charts, four of them in a group, and added some Double Drop D chord markings. The first chord is played like an Am on the first fret then the second is the same form slid up to the third fret. The next chord is the A shape played on the fifth and seventh frets.

I used the property Multiply as I copied and pasted the chord form onto the guitar background, sizing it large enough to read and using black. I added the Double Drop D Tuning phrase and added the dripping using the Distort, Wet Paint, tool. I merged the chords and phrase into the background.

I saved the large iteration, then on the display size added my signature and saved that with a differing file name.

A Double Drop D song I have been working on. This is the first draft:

I'd like some input on this first draft from +James Olmos +Tim Behrens If they would chime in. Contact by email +John Voshell has it and has my permission to share with you both. +Mark Ferrasci may want to listen as he helped in the creative process of this tune, his opinions are welcome too.

Comments and Pluses welcome!

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