Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Songwriters Showcase HOA #5 w/ Sara Corbin" Corel - Plus

Songwriters Showcase #5

Today I am sharing a Digital Collage made in Picasa 3.9 from screen captures of the:

"Songwriters Showcase HOA #5 w/ Sara Corbin" On Google+:

Performing were +Jonathan Blackshire , +Cecilee Linke , +Matty James  and the Cutthroat Reef Irish group +Derek Pollak  with +Sara Corbin  finishing out the show. The patter was fun and the music was upbeat and everyone did some really good performances as directed by Jonathan.

This was streamed to YouTube and I did the captures there. I opened them with Corel PhotoPaint New From Clipboard and applied an old-fashioned photo effect with Filter Forge' Photo Effects. I also posted them on Jonathan Blackshire's Event Page one at a time.

I kept the captures relatively small for the Event Page. And decided to create the Collage in Picasa. I used the Mosaic style collage on an 8.5x11 background. Picasa fitted them into the Mosaic automatically. I then added a slight border in brown off setting the old fashioned Sepia Photo look and feel.

I resized the large collage file to a display size and added my signature in white using PhotoPaint's Resample, and Invert on the signature file using the property Add for transparency.

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