Monday, February 18, 2013

"Concerts In The Plus!" Shani, Brent Michelle, Devyn Rush - Corel and Picasa - Plus

Singer Songwriter Shani
Singer Songwriter Brent Michelle

Singer Songwriter Devyn Rush and Andrew

I watched the "Concerts In The Plus featuring Shani, Brent Michelle, and Devyn Rush" Curated by +Artists In The Plus  on Google+ Hang Outs on Air on YouTube today.
I missed the live show but having it available on YouTube made it accessible later. John Voshell's +John Voshell 's Channel, from Artists in the Plus is making these Concerts available to watch later if you miss them live.

The show was incredible and each performer sang their songs, each one a singer songwriter in their own right. You can click on the link below for the entire concert.

I took screen captures of each performer and between Picasa 3.9's tools and Corel PSP Pro X3 as well as Corel PhotoPaint I adjusted each capture in various ways.

First I would crop in Picasa and then adjust the brightness and contrast also. I might apply the HDR-ish tool (which I did for two of the images.) Then apply the frame and mat tool in Picasa as well.

I used PSP for Saturation Vibrancy and Skin Softening on one image. But did the most work in Picasa. I did some cloning out in Corel PhotoPaint and added my signature in each there as well.

Shani's website:

Brent Michelle's site:

Devyn Rush's site:

The Concerts In The Plus is to be found here:

Tune into the Concert and enjoy!

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