Friday, February 8, 2013

"That Show With Billy Wilson Guest Brent Michelle" Corel - Plus

Singer Songwriter Brent Michelle

That Show With +Billy Wilson  and his cat Tibby hosted Photographers and Tech guests along with his musical guest +Brent Michelle .

I was using Picasa 3.9 for capturing screens from the show of Brent performing. I cropped and adjusted the image in Picasa. I brightened it and boosted, warmed, the colors. Then applied a light HDR look and feel.

After I did that I saved the file and opened it with Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 and auto painted it as a Modern painting with Rough paper and a Bristle brush settings. Then I used the Soft Cloner brush to add back in some details on her face and her title.

Here is Brent Michelle's link:

And the YouTube link to +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW):

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