Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Acoustic Magazine No. 8" Parody - Corel - Plus

Acoustic Magazine No.8 Parody

Let's face it! Some of us aren't as young as we used to be and are afflicted with aches and pains. But we still yearn to make music! And a little pain won't stop us! Here is a Parody of Acoustic Magazine No. 8.

It's about just that, growing old gracefully, rocking our hearts out. Even with painful aches we play on.

I began this fake cover with a contorted guitar player on one knee from an old magazine. I added the woman's face and the crossed eyes separately. I scanned the pieces in and placed them with the black border offset. I used my Canon MP495 unit to scan with.

I used the font Bleeding Cowboys for the magazine title and Arial Black for the rest of the blurbs. Its all tongue in cheek and for fun. I am not attempting to make fun of ailments many have. Just poking fun at old aged musicians with painful ways to go.

I did use Corel PhotoPaint for the bulk of the art and design. I did jump into Corel PSP Pro X3 for some fixing of the first scanned image, eliminating Noise and adding some texture to the piece.

996th Post to gatzkART! Only a few more to go to reach 1,000 posts. We have beat the 83,000 Pageviews Milestone! I thank everyone who is a regular reader and viewer of my digital visual art. Also many thanks to the curious who visit and browse this Blog!

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