Friday, November 30, 2012

"Old-Fashioned Beautiful Women" Dover - Corel - Plus

Old-Fashioned Beautiful Women

I was browsing in Picasa 3.9 in my Dover Clip Art folder and found two pieces of artwork. The first was a grouping of glazed clay studies, soft in color. The second is this great collection of "Old-Fashioned Beautiful Women."

I took the first image and from Picasa opened with Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 and auto painted using the Pastel Drawing setting with a soft brush. I saved that iteration. I opened that with Corel PhotoPaint.

I then copied to the clipboard from Picasa the "Women," and opened with New from Clipboard in PhotoPaint. each lady had a clip art number below them that I painted out with white paint, basic brush. I then copied and pasted them onto the background piece.

I used the property Multiply for transparency to allow the background to show through. I merged the two into one image. Then I applied Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance to boost the colors just a bit. I added my signature and resampled the image for display size.

I really like Dover Publications Clip Art and enjoy making these types of images. This one highlights the beauty of women at another time and place, rather romantically, one might say.

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