Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Paisley Rectangles" Dover Clip Art - Mayang's Textures - Corel

Paisley Rectangles [click for larger image]

Late post this evening. I browsed to my Recent image folder in Picasa 3.9 and reminded myself I had gotten these four "Paisley," images from my Dover Publication Samplers. I first attempted to use CorelTRACE to create a vector image of the lower left hand image to color in with CorelDRAW. I soon found out it was a tedious job of patient work.

So I browsed to my Mayang's Textures and selected a greens and browns texture. I opened that with Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 and painted it with the Impressionistic settings Basic paper, Light Contrast color. This gave me a large work space for the paisley images.

Saving that I opened it with Corel PhotoPaint and from Picasa 3.9 I copied and pasted the paisley images one at a time. I rotated each one to lay on it's side to allow all four to share the space. I resized them to fit and used the Tone Curve to darken the line work. Then I merged all.

I saved that and then resampled to a display size and applied my signature to the work. I Like paisley work and Impressionistic work as well, so I enjoyed my play with both styles mixed.

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