Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Design for Life - Live for Design" Again - CorelDRAW - Plus

Design for Life - Live for Design [click on for larger view]

Continuing with the "Design for Life - Live for Design" phrase I selected in CorelDRAW the fonts Bodoni MT Black and Arial Narrow. Using them I created all capital rectangles of the phrase. I duplicated the Bodoni phrase and used Red as my main color and a black shadow behind.

I just used Arial Narrow on its own to complete the phrase. I duplicated again with the phrase placed within the other making one large rectangle. Grouping that I duplicated it and made it a smaller size. I ended up with the phrase five times.

I browsed for an Art Nouveau background in my Dover Publications Samplers and found one I liked. I lined up the five to dominate the floral design. I grouped the entire thing and copied it to the clipboard.

I opened as New from the Clipboard in Corel PhotoPaint. I saved that iteration as a jpg file. There I used the plugin Filter Forge's Photo Effects Grunge to add a linen effect to the piece. I had also added my signature very small in the lower left hand corner.  Saving that as a different large iteration I resampled in PhotoPaint for display size and saved another file.

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