Friday, December 14, 2012

"The Old Days, Montage" Corel Quadtone

The Old Days

Another short post for this day as well. Here is a "The Old Days Montage," I created using Corel PhotoPaint. I took two old photos of Ortonville and applied the Quadtone tool to them. Then I superimposed them in Picasa 3.9 as a collage/montage. I used Blackladder ITC font for the name in the corner back in PhotoPaint. I changed this image to RGB mode and using Filter Forge's Frames I added a film frame to the piece.

I also was able to get out my 12-String Guitar the other afternoon and it was in DADGAD tuning so I explored some differing lead and chords on it. I have some chords memorized for that tuning, but I love discovering new fingerings for chords. So I enjoyed myself playing some improvised chords and leads. Coming out of a musical slump now and it feels good.

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