Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Concerts in the Plus Danni Rossner, Sonia Rao" Corel - Plus

Sonia Rao

Danni Rosner

I've been ill a few days so I am a little behind on my "Concerts in the Plus" postings. Today I wanted to share with you "Danni Rosner and Sonia Rao," images. Again these started out as screen captures from the Concert on YouTube. Max Lugavere was included but I have already done an image of Max from a Spotlight in the Plus hangout on Google+.

I opened the bitmapped screen captures taken with Picasa 3.9 in Corel PhotoPaint. There I cropped and converted to jpg file format to work with for display.

I opened them with Corel PSP Pro X3 and adjusted to display size. I applied Digital Camera Noise Removal and Smart Photo Fix on both, making differing adjustments to each according to need.

With Sonia Rao I upped the color and softened the skin texture. then I used the Art Media, Brushstrokes on the image. I added my signature using the Visible Watermark tool. I then applied a 1965 type photograph filter in the Time Machine tool. This gave me a frame and then I added a black border to it, saving that iteration.

In Picasa 3.9 I then opened Danni Rosner's image capture. I applied the workflow mentioned above for Noise and Photo Fix. Using the Unsharp Mask tool for some details. I used the effects, image effects, Seamless Tiling on it for a bit of duplication of forms. I also applied the Saturation Vibrancy tool for color depth. I added my signature then using Picture Frame I added the frame.

If you missed the Concert go here:

For Sonia Rao:

And for Danni Rosner:

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