Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Electric Guitar Collage

I found another image of this collage I had done in 2006 or so. It was inspired by the eclectic sounds of the Electric Guitar. Those of us who use pickups are indebted to the makers of those first guitars experi-
menting with microphones and tungsten pickups to increase the volume of guitars in the Swing era. Wikipedia states it this way:

"The electric guitar was first used by jazz guitarists, who used amplified hollow-bodied instruments to get a louder sound in Swing-era big bands. The earliest electric guitars were hollow bodied acoustic instruments with tungsten steel pickups made by the Rickenbacker company in 1931. While one of the first solid-body guitars was invented by Les Paul, the first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar was the Fender Esquire (1950). The electric guitar was a key instrument in the development of many musical styles that emerged since the late 1940s, such as Chicago blues, early rock and roll and rockabilly, and 1960s blues rock. It is also used in a range of other genres, including country music, Ambient (or New Age), and in some contemporary classical music."

The advent of such guitars led a revolution in music that resounds still today. 1931 was a pretty long time ago, guitars themselves have ancient history behind them.

I for one am glad that the guitar as an instrument was invented. I happily play mine as often as I can. I know it is one of the most popular instruments of people world wide, and for good reason. One can play simple chords and strum or pick/pluck and make music that is at once melodic and rhythmic.

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