Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow and a Slow Day - Cat and Dog Play

Here is a photograph that I cropped and resampled for display. It is our cat Linus playing with my son's rat terrier, Jack-Jack. Linus hisses and growls but will play infrequently with Jack-Jack and it is very amusing to watch. Just before I took this they were both sunning themselves by the window. Then Jack-Jack got a bug for playing and they began.

It has snowed here again and we were just beginning to enjoy Spring like weather. Bummer. There was some accumulation of snow, even though the ground had been cleared of it and we had days in the upper 50's. Puts a damper on long walks, unless you are a winter person. Unfortunately I am not.

I worked on a song last night using a new chord progression and upbeat tempo. "Make Some Tracks" is a decent song with a positive approach to having a life without greed. That would change the world. But I doubt my song will!

I used CAm and FG with a bridge of G Am G Em ending on a G. I repeat the chords in succession for the beat. I did use a free sample from Dooley Drums again. Which made me play with the up tempo beat. Strictly a simple beat throughout the whole song with a cross fade in and cross fade out beginning and ending. It was a challenge to keep up with the tempo, a lot of fun!

In time I hope to subscribe to Dooley Drums for additional access to real drum loops and mp3's. Right now we are paying for a new roof and front deck and door on the house. It's always something. But I am positive that things are going along well as to be expected.

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