Thursday, April 2, 2009

Portrait - 1976 - Painter 8

Though it's a busy month I had time today to work on a piece of art. This is from a cropped photograph of my wife back in 1976. A friend of ours took our photographs with his 35mm SLR film camera It was a portrait of the both of us but I cropped out myself after I had scanned this in at 300dpi. I have had the photograph for sometime now.

I opened it in PhotoPaint and resampled it to enlarge it to 150% it's original size for a workable image. I used the Blur> Tune Blur Directional blur on it to smooth out the texture of the scan. Saving this file I opened it in Painter 8 and selected the acrylic brushes I painted the bulk of the piece. I used Liquid Ink for the highlights in the eyes and added the blue color as her eyes are blue.

I framed it in black and then did more of the background to finish it. My wife still is quite pretty after many years of married live. And best yet she still puts up with her artistic temperamental husband. That is a boon!

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