Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art Deco - Design for Life Series - Digital Collage - CorelDRAW - PhotoPaint

For an Art Deco Design for Life image I chose two differing designs from E. Benedictus' Designs book. I opened CorelDRAW and acquired the first one cropping it in the Canon scanning software.

I rotated it 180 degrees to place it as I chose. Then I did the second design the same way. Placing them in close proximity. Then using Abadi MT Condensed typeface I added the Design for Life phrase, grouping them I duplicated and placed the duplicate upside down on the opposite side.

Next I grouped all the pieces and converted to bitmap, copied to the clipboard and pasted into PhotoPaint as a large file.

I then added the scanned images of the People at Work from North Light's book of the same name. I used the property Multiply for transparency and Color Replace for compatible colors. I placed the clip art and merged with the background. I placed a light blue twenty pixel wide border around the work.

I saved the large file and resampled for display here.

Listening --- The Beatles --- A Day in the Life

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