Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Design for Life - Art Nouveau - PhotoPaint - CorelDRAW

An Art Nouveau based collage for the Design for Life theme. I acquired a scan in PhotoPaint of two designs from R. Beauclair's book Art Nouveau Patterns and Designs. I cropped the first one to a large size and copied it to the clipboard and pasted it in CorelDRAW.

Using the freehand drawing tool I created a pink curve. I duplicated and shrunk it twice to add to the design placing them within one another. I used the font Yukon Gold for the text phrase.

Back in PhotoPaint I rotated the pattern and shrunk it down to a smaller size, copied and pasted that in CorelDRAW. Then in PhotoPaint I cropped a second piece of Art Nouveau pattern, copied and pasted that in CorelDRAW and duplicated it placing
a column down the right hand side.

I grouped all the pieces together and Converted to Bitmap and pasted it into PhotoPaint with New From Clipboard.

I wanted to add a bit of Victorian design to the corners so I selected a sample page from the Dover Clip Art folder and cut out the designs. I resized and placed them in the corners using the property Multiply for transparency.

I added a black border to the image to match the Victorian pieces and added my signature in black as well. I had adjusted the Tone Curve of the large image and saved it and then resampled for the web.

Listening --- Kirk Mathew Gatzka --- The Last Good Cowboy

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