Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goal 700 Posts Hit - Art Deco - Urgent - Design for Life

Art Deco is the basis for today's image. I scanned in a design plate from Stephen Calloway's Art Deco Interior and Panel Designs. I started with a very large image which I cropped in PhotoPaint.

I added the URGENT stamp, the stacked In Box, and the Woman Designer as well as the Hand Drawing with a Quill Pen from North Light's Spot Illustrations clip art book. Each one scanned in and then cropped and altered with the object property Multiply for transparency.

The URGENT stamp was black and white and I used the Color Replace tool to make it red. I also cut out the right side border design and added it to the left side by cut and paste to balance out the panel.

I added the text using the font 321Impact. I at first thought of the adage Design or Die but changed that to a positive note of Design for Life.

I boosted the colors with the Tone Curve and added a Filter Forge film frame.

A recent visit to Border's Bookstore and viewing of Art magazines has inspired me to do some of these colorful digital collages. Stampington's Somerset Digital Studio was full of impressive design collages that I really enjoyed reading about.

Listening --- Peter Frampton --- I'm In You

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