Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Ingenuity of Youth" - Corel PhotoPaint - PSP Pro X3 - Filter Forge

Ingenuity of Youth

Here is an image of my Grandson playing with his family's iPod. He is only about 18 months old and he knows how to turn it on, find the games and play some of them. I'll admit that I don't have one and he knows more than me!

I took this photograph with my Canon Rebel XTi and opened it in PhotoPaint. I cropped it some to make him the focal point, especially his hand above the iPod. I applied the Local Equalization to it and used the Tone Curve for depth. Then using Filter Forge Photo Effects Vibrance twice I saturated the colors. I also used the Frames for a light film frame.

I saved this large file and opened it with PSP Pro X3 to add the Picture Frame Cyanotype and a ten pixel black border. I did an iterative save and reopened in PhotoPaint. There I added my signature and resampled for display.

Listening --- C S N & Y --- Teach Your Children

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