Monday, September 26, 2011

"Miles Davis" - Corel Painter 11 Pen and Ink, Watercolor

Miles Davis and Friends

I took out some time from other activities to work on this tonight. I was listening to some "Miles Davis," jazz the other night and was inspired to do this image.

I opened Corel Painter 11, as I have yet to upgrade to 12, and penned Miles and the drummer and bass player using the Ball point pen brush. I then used some of Skip Allen's watercolor brushes on a new watercolor layer. I kept my approach as simple as possible for a basic look and feel to the piece.

I saved the file and reopened in PhotoPaint to use the Tone Curve for a slight increase in depth of color. And I added my signature. I kept the file at it's original size, for display.

Comments are always welcome. I do moderate the comments, though.

Listening --- The Steve Miller Band --- Your Saving Grace


  1. Very cool Kirk. I love the line drawings in ink and the washes over.

  2. Joan,

    Thank you! I really enjoyed working on this!


  3. Awesome picture, the faces are spot on, and the background depicts the music floating around nicely!

    Rest in Peace to Miles, a controversial figure but... where's the controversy - all his life he sought to make good new music, and succeeded on many occasions thanks to his beautiful tone, melodic lyricism and incredible knack for surrounding himself with new young talents. A genius!