Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Last Issue!" - Corel PhotoPaint - Digital Collage

Last Issue!

Today I took some time and created a digital collage. I found various images and pieces that I fit together by scanning the cut outs into PhotoPaint. It's entitled, "Last Issue!" Based upon the blurbs ONLY ONE MORE ISSUE  and  LAST ISSUE! that you get when your magazine subscription is or has run out.

I took the various pieces and placed them using a variety of properties like Multiply and If Lighter, If Darker. I joined disparate parts together especially the faces to create a giant smile and large eyes on them. I used more than one source magazine. I used the Tone Curve for depth of color and to make the words stand out.

I added the guitar motif as you all know I love to play the guitar, a 12-String Seagull. I have not been playing too much lately. Not enough time in the day sometimes. But I am thinking that "Last Issue!" might be a great theme for a song!

I saved the 300dpi large file and resampled adding my signature to complete the collage. I resaved for display here.

Listening --- Doves --- Caught by the River

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