Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Reading to Zeke" - Corel PhotoPaint - PSP Pro X3 - Filter Forge

Reading to Zeke

My Daughter and Grandson visited the other day, and my camera, the Canon XTi Rebel, came out. I took many photographs and selected this one for today's subject.

I opened the photograph in PhotoPaint and used my High Contrast workflow on it. I first applied the Local Equalization and then used the Tone Curve for depth. I applied Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance on it for brighter color. I added my signature in white.

I saved the resulting large image and opened it in PSP Pro X3 to used the Noise reduction tools on it. I Deinterlaced it and removed jpeg artifacts. I used the Image Picture Frame for the Cyanotype frame and added a ten pixel black border to the piece.

I tried out various softening tools but did not like the results, as I did not with brushstrokes applied. So I left the image as is and saved it again.

Once again in PhotoPaint I resampled for display here and saved the finished piece.

Listening --- Gordon Lightfoot --- If You Could Read My Mind

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