Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Grunge Guitar Collage - CorelDRAW - PhotoPaint - Paint.NET

Seagull 12 String Guitar Collage

I found through Twitter a group of textural backgrounds and downloaded some from DeviantART. I selected this bright red wood with flaking paint as my background. I opened CorelDRAW and pasted the texture into it. I have a font called Screaming Guitar that are images of differing types of guitars I laid out two lines of that.

I opened a photograph of my Seagull 12-string Guitar and used the Effects, Artistic, Ink Sketch on it with no color. I copied and pasted that onto the red background using the property Color Burn for transparency. I did that in PhotoPaint. I also added the word Seagull on the upper rim of the sound hole.

I combined all elements in PhotoPaint and saved the large file and resampled for sharing here.

If you look at the larger image (clicking on it) you can see where I hand etched some flowers and a hummingbird on to the pickguard. In this way I customized my acoustic guitar making it unique.

I used Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance and the Frames film frame to finish off the image along with my signature.

Listening --- Steve Earle --- Guitar Town

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