Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Collage Painted 12-String Guitar" Paint.NET - Corel PhotoPaint - Plus

Collage Painted 12-String Guitar

Opening with Paint.NET I applied Effects, Artistic, Collage Paint to this photograph of a Seagull C12 12-String guitar. I resized it to display size, as it was a bit small. I also Sharpened it a tad to show the collage aspects.

Saving that file I opened with Corel PhotoPaint and used the Tone Curves on it to deepen the colors. Using Filter Forge's Photo Effects I applied differing variants of Grunge until I was satisfied. I wanted a Grunge look and feel, but also wanted to be able to see the Collage Paint effect.

I next used Image Adjust Color Balance to give a bit more punch to the colors of the image. I looked in Picasa 3.9 Mayang's Textures for a light colored texture. I found one and copied and opened as New from Clipboard in PhotoPaint. I resampled to the same size of the guitar image.

I switched to the guitar and copied that to the clipboard and pasted it over that texture. I used the property Multiply to create the transparency. With the colors now deepened I used Tone Curve to lighten them.

From Picasa I recopied the image of the guitar and pasted it over the image. I adjusted the transparency to allow detail to show through with Multiply and Opacity lessened. As you look at the image you can still see the squares of the Collage Paint, but now with more detail on the 12-String Guitar.

In PhotoPaint I added my signature and saved the new image for display.

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