Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Woodward Dream Cruise Build-up" Paint.NET - Plus

Custom Hot Rod

The Detroit Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise 2012, is this weekend, unofficially starting on Friday. Here I have another photograph of a Custom Car from the AutoRama 2012.

I browsed to the folder with the AutoRama photographs and selected this Custom Hot Rod. I opened with Paint.NET and applied the Ink Sketch feature for the black detail, boosting the color all the way up. I took the Ink down just a tad to show more color.

I saved that iteration and opened with Corel PhotoPaint where I used the plugin KPT Collection's Lens Flare for a blue and red flare. I saved that file and opened with Corel PSP Pro X3.

In PSP I used the Hue and Saturation Vibrancy for some punch to the colors. I applied the Depth of Field to the photograph to focus on the car as much as I could, blurring the background a bit.

I added my signature with the Visible Watermark tool. Then finished the image off with a 25 pixel black border. I saved that iteration as well then resized it for display.

Thus far the weather reports look good for the Dream Cruise Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We hope to be there for capturing some new photographs of great cars.

Listening --- The Beach Boys --- Fun, Fun, Fun

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