Monday, September 7, 2009

No Rhyme No Reason - Add Rhyme Got Reasons - Corel PhotoPaint

Texture from Autum-
, Photo-
graph of Black Hot Rod from the Wood-
ward Dream Cruise
, A title, Some chord progressions and lyrics, Some rhyming and you have the pieces to today's image.

This was compiled in PhotoPaint, and also Paint.NET for the ink like car photograph. I return to grunge as a genre accompanied by my interest in music and my own songwriting. The lyrics and chord progression come from my song "Can You Please Love Me?" ©2009 by Kirk Mathew Gatzka. The rhymes come from using a rhyming dictionary.

I added the texture by cropping it and pasting it as an object in PhotoPaint using the object property of Color Burn and an adjustment to opacity. I copied and pasted the text using my song from Notepad text files and a few different grunge fonts. And I used the rhymes from a compilation I put together.

I have yet to come up with a chord progression and melody for my recently posted lyric. I am working on it in my mind and soon will get the 12-string out and write a full blown tune.
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