Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grandson - Ezekiel - Watercolor - Painter 8

We were at my son's home for a meal with him and my daughter and son in law and our Grandson Zeke. I had brought my camera and my son Keir M. Gatzka took a few photographs of Zeke. I selected this one for a watercolor portrait.

I first of all brought it into CorrectPhoto [click here] to adjust the color and to bring in more warmth. The flash was a bit bright and had left a blueish cast on the photograph. CorrectPhoto's filter for skin color correction was applied and it warmed up the image just right.

I saved the file and opened it in Painter 8. There I turned on the Tracing Paper and cleared the photograph. I began by making a ballpoint pen sketch of the portrait using as few lines as possible. Then I selected the Watercolor brushes and laid down an underpainting. Using varying sizes of the camel brush I added more details.

I created another layer and selected the Digital Watercolor runny bleach to add a background. The I chose another brush and added the yellow watercolor to background and image for a unifying color.

I selected Cloners> Soft Cloner> to add back in other detail while keeping a watercolor feel to the piece. I concluded with the merged layers in PhotoPaint where I added framing and resampled the image saving a smaller file for sharing here.

Listening --- Lie Low --- Kirk Mathew Gatzka

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