Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Irises - Lily pads - Rocks - Pond

Rushing to get a post in today. Here is a photograph I took that I applied a creative touch to. Using a similar workflow of my previous posts, I choose a different film frame for this image.

In Paint.NET I applied Curves and also upped the saturation for color and depth and a painterly filter, then using the Effects> Artistic> Ink Sketch> I turned up the color and lightened the ink lines.

I brought that file into Painter 8 to use the Apply Surface Texture> Image Luminance> for a bit of texture.

Using PhotoPaint I applied the black Film frame for a finished touch. Here I resampled the file for the web.

I have been working on a rewrite of my tune "She Let Me In," and a second song for this week "Smile Again." Both are a challenge to be sure. But I thoroughly enjoy the making of music. Both these songs are Country tunes, a little departure for me as I write mostly Folk/Rock songs. So it is a bigger challenge to make them not sound too much the same. Different lyrics, but similar chord progressions. I am using C F G in the one song and G D C in the other with some departure in the bridges.

All in all an enjoyable pastime.

Listening --- Smile Again --- Kirk Mathew Gatzka


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