Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink Tipped Lilies - Floral

I took a couple of photo-
graphs of these Pink tipped lilies at the "WoJo's," green-
house. I was intrigued by this one because of all the buds about to open, along with the wonderful colors.

I applied my workflow very much like my recent posts. First Paint.NET for the painterly filter. Then PhotoPaint for the framing and Painter 8 for the texture.

I resampled the larger image in PhotoPaint for display here on the web.

I have been applying myself to some song rewriting with advice from multiple sources. I am finding that when I please one source I get a conflicting idea from another source. So it is frustrating to make a song more commercial.

I am contemplating just keeping to myself and family and friends my songwriting efforts. It's just easier and I have no one to please with a change of the songs. My efforts were never meant to be for commercial use anyway. Just for the fun of it and the sharing with a small but appreciative audience. Conflicting ideas just confuse me. I need to remember I am not a professional more of a hobbyist.

I may continue to post to Acoustic Guitar Community to allow readers a place where they can go and listen to my songs. That remains to be seen.

Listening --- We Are No Longer --- Kirk Mathew Gatzka

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  1. That's a beauty Kirk! My compliments!
    Ciao, Gio