Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Just a Couple of Guys" Digital Painting with Corel and the New Picasa 3



"Just a Couple of Guys," are today's images. I used the new Picasa 3 for HDR-ish look and feel for David and then saving that I opened with Painter Photo Essentials 4. Here I applied Modern Painting and Colored Pencil Painting for that image.

I browsed some more and found this photograph of Joel, sitting. I applied the Pen and Ink Painting, and the Colored Pencil Painting again. Then in Picasa I applied a Boost to the colors, decreasing the harshness with the slider.

I saved the larger files and opened with PhotoPaint to add my signature and resample for display here.

Listening --- Dr. Oz --- Television Show :-)

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