Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Red Doors" Enhanced Photograph - Corel PSP Pro X3

"Red Doors"

I selected a simple photograph of "Red Doors," for today's image. I was browsing in Picasa 3 and found this older photograph of the screen doors. I opened with Corel's PSP Pro X3 and I applied the Vibrancy tool to it.

I was not satisfied with the saturation so I upped it in Hue and Saturation for more punch to the colors. I added the mat and frame using the Picture Frame feature. Saving the large file I opened with PhotoPaint.

There I added my signature and resampled the photograph for display.

Listening --- The Doors --- I'm Gonna Love You


  1. Clever... love the framing tool...

  2. Jo,

    Thanks for looking and commenting! I enjoy the framing tool as well!