Monday, December 12, 2011

Digital Painting with Corel Products - Gouache Painting

Dodge Truck

Forest Road

Tree in Forest

I wanted to do a few more Digital Paintings in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 as I haven't exhausted the auto painting prospects of this program. So I browsed my photographs in Picasa 3 and discovered these three.

The first one of the Dodge Truck rusting away in the brush I applied the Gouache Painting with Intense color, no texturing. The second Forest Road I also used the Gouache Painting but this time with High Contrast color which gave me the deep rich color. I also applied the Surface Texture Image Luminance to the image.

The final Tree in Forest, another with Gouache Painting, High Contrast, Image Luminance texture and a slight boost of the saturation.

I finalized the images in Corel PhotoPaint adding my signature to the large files, resampling for display here and saving them as large and medium sizes.

Listening --- Ben Harper --- Strawberry Fields

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