Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clip Art Guitars

Here is a collage of guitar clip art from Corel's Graphic Suite 12. I also included a couple of what appear to be Lutes. This is over a background of a doubled guitar image that I manipulated in PhotoPaint.

I incorporated the Graphic Suite to do various parts of creation of the piece. CorelDRAW, CorelTRACE, and as mentioned PhotoPaint.

The clip art was not designed by me, I just used it in the collage, with few changes if any.

This motif has been of interest to me of late and I continue to scour the web for images that I can get permission to use.

We live not too many miles away from MotorCity Guitars and I have thought of taking my camera to take some pictures of the hundreds of guitars they have there. There is also Pontiac Music and Sound and the Village Guitar shops close by. I may do a series based on these stores if I get permission to do some photography with each of them. Come to think of it, maybe I could do interviews about the stores, too. If I did this what kind of questions might you ask of a vendor of some of the world's finest guitars? Comment on this and you could be included in the blog entry about these fine shops.

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