Thursday, February 5, 2009

Montage - Experiments with Clip Art

Working with some Dover Clip Art and a quotation from a book and a photograph of a young lady I created this piece.

I used Paint.NET's Artistic> Sketch filter to make the photograph look like a sketch. Then opened the file in PhotoPaint. I went to my Dover Publications Clip Art folder and found this frame and imported it into PhotoPaint. I combined the two by copying the frame onto the clipboard and pasting it as an object into the sketch. Resized the frame to fit and changed it's property to Multiply to make it transparent. Then merged it with the sketch.

I did the same for the other objects, the cat and the ship and merged those as well. Then using a quote from a Gutenberg Press text novel I added that with copy, paste, Multiply also.

For the background colors I used Harry's filters. Which is a step I did earlier on. I had copied and pasted the sketch on it again using the property Multiply.

Music wise I have been listening to the Greatest hit of 'The Doors' on cassette tape. The tapes I received from a friend with all the 80's music. I also had listened to the Eagles Greatest hits. And a couple of 80's musicians I have never heard of, along with a Jeff Foxworthy comedy tape.

Haven't played the guitar much lately. Still need some new ideas to come to me for some additional songs for 'One Tough Baby'.

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