Monday, February 16, 2009

Vector - Obligatory Warholian

Obligatory Warholian image. Every one needs make one of these kinds of images. She is no Marilyn Monroe but she made for a good subject for this popular style. What a nice smile she has!

I have done a self-portrait like this but it did not turn out as good as this has. Self-portraits make me feel like I am self-centered, and I truly try not to be. Some artist's are self-absorbed, elaborately wordy in explanation of their artwork. I think I just do art for the charge I get out of the creative act.

I do digital art because 1) I like computers, 2) I love the colors you can use on computers, 3) I can do art the more traditional way, 4) but I like the speed and ease and the ability to undo while creating digital art. And one can always incorporate traditional work into digital art works.

I am certain that Andy Warhol had fun with his art, no doubt in my mind that he was a playful artist. But to judge his self-interest, I cannot do, for I lack the credentials of a true art historian. I only know about what I have read (which is quite a bit of art history, from many perspectives) and seen on PBS!

So a touch of humor with today's post.

Thank you for the recent comments. I need the feedback like any artist or creative does, it's good for us to get information from our audience.

Please feel free to comment! And you can tally up the Reactions if you would like to, even though there are only 3 that you are allowed to choose from.

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  1. Sorry to tell u, but the image of the guitar werent taken by me...