Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Singing and Guitar Playing

More singing more guitar playing more photograph manipulation. I used a variety of tools and filters in Paint.NET and PhotoPaint for this image.

I played with the lines, texture, gamma, saturation in creating this image. I added a small frame to it using the 3D bevel effect tool in PhotoPaint.

I searched my CorelDRAW Cds for photoframes and found some that I haven't used yet. Mainly because they aren't the edging I'm looking for. I'm looking for edges like the polaroid emulsion photographs that were popular a while back. I may try to duplicate that myself but I'm not sure where to start as yet. A challenge for myself!

If you know of a technique for making such frames/backgrounds let me know with a comment here. I would appreciate it. Be it in Photoshop 7 or PhotoPaint I would try it out if you comment about it.

I found some new chord progressions that I am playing on the guitar, hoping to inspire a few new songs. I like what I've found, now comes the melody and lyrics. Sometime that is the hardest part.

I remember a movie with Michael Fox where his character turned on the televison and took a phrase from an old movie and used it as a beginning phrase for a song. Joan Jett was in it with him. I can't seem to remember the name of the movie right now. Brain fog, I'm showing my age again!

Anyway waiting for the ideas to come. I'll play the progessions, sing a little with them, practice that and then wait some time for the lyrics to develop.

Or maybe I'll do what Michael Fox did!


  1. Hey Uncle,
    That movie is called Light of Day.


  2. Thank you, Jess! It was on the tip of my tongue!