Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rob Sylvain - Guitarist

I have another Vector graphics image done. I did it late last night. I found the photograph of guitarist Rob Sylvain, on Flickr with a Creative Commons license which allowed for derivative work to be done.

The photographer is Chris Darling and the link to the photograph is here. The Creative Commons link is here. I hope I have credited this the correct way. I followed the instructions of the CC.

I used CorelTRACE again and modified the photo to a vector image. Adjusting it to my liking, in CorelDRAW, and adding color as well. Opening it as a bitmap in PhotoPaint I added the lettering, the tools, paint brushes, the bottles and the 'sparkles' with the spray brush tool I had used in a previous work shown here recently.

I resized it and saved it as jpg for sharing on the blog. I used and searched for 'guitar' and found this image which is stored on Flickr. A very useful website for finding photographs that you can use according to their individual CC license. Some have all rights reserved so that places them out of reach. Others have a more open license and you can use them for sharing in an appropriate way as long as you attribute them to the owner.

I for one appreciate the Creative Commons listings, makes it easier to find photographs that you can use for Digital Visual Art. So my thanks to Chris for the generosity!

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