Saturday, February 28, 2009

By Way of Introduction my Business Card

I have had a number of styles of business cards in the last few years, I needed a makeover. Old information about my previous website Omniartz which is no more due to economics, and I have the new email address too.

I used the Corel Graphics Suite 12 again to make the graphic and the card template for printing on the perforated card stock you can get for simple card making.

I took an image of my Seagull 12-string that I had reworked in Painter 8 and PhotoPaint. I made a soft appearing piece. It's original size is, of course, in color and larger and landscape positioning. I turned it into the grayscale image you see and pasted into CorelDRAW's card template I had made. I made it a portrait position to add it to the basic card structure I already had.

I added the new email address and my blog URL, increasing the type size a bit for easier reading. I tried to keep it simple yet attractive. Now I have printed out some cards and they are ready to use "By Way of Intoduction".

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