Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vector - Spring Gal

Lost electrical power this morning, it has been rainy and windy here yesterday, and windy today. Now it has been restored and I can get on with my works online!

I have made another Vector collage using CorelDRAW and I am sharing it today. (As you can see I am wishfully thinking of Spring again.) I used all the same techniques I mentioned in my last post 'Vector - Fashion Gal', so there is no need to explain them again.

I wanted to post another link, this one to the Artful Blogging magazine at Stampington. It's a great magazine for those of us who are trying to share our art by blogging. I could only hope to be included in one of their issues. The Winter issue was quite marvelous, with a variety of blogs and styles covered.

In passing I would also like to mention FoxyTunes an addon (if that is the proper term, perhaps plugin?) to Firefox browser. It allows you to control your Media player from the browser itself and can add to your email and blog postings a little note about what song you are currently listening to like a signature on your email or posting.

Here it is: displaying a song I wrote I am playing right now in Windows Media Player.

You may find it handy or not, it depends. I think there may be a version for IE but I don't know for sure as I use Firefox almost exclusively for browsing and blogging.

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Kirk Mathew Gatzka - It Might Just Be Me
via FoxyTunes

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